New Orleans Rock and Roll Band
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Upcoming Shows:
March 2nd, 11pm, at The Big Top 10th
Anniversary Party. Helen Gillet starts at
9pm.  Attend!
Hear Narcissy:
Trifecta (Rough Mix)
Bixby vs Ferigno
Hate the South
The Beast (Rough Mix)
Monkey (Rough Mix)
Parking Lot - Finished, 64 kbps
Ostrich Song - Finished, 64 kbps
Fried Rice - Finished, 64 kbps
Pictures of Narcissy, NEW!
Older Narcissy pics, here
News of Narcissy!  2013 Edition.

Time for the 2013 update, eh?  We're still here.  The devil
made Narcissy, only the devil can destroy it.

We played the Saturn Bar some time ago..

It's never too late to get a copy of the
old record.  Available
in quantity.   Send an email to the link on the right, and we
will make arrangements.  Or come to a show. We'll have a
trunk full.  The disk is also available from the good folks as
Louisiana Music Factory here:

Narcissy has a web presence on myspace.  Because that is
how very, very modern we are.  Very.
Check it out for show dates, music, and pictures.  Read Jay
Holland's Blog!

Our Friend, Charlie Brown, has finished a very nice Narcissy
and a video for the Ostrich Song.  Really cool stuff;
check 'em out

The lyrics page! Updated!
Press Stuff
The Official Narcissy Photo: here
1)Please arrange for the flier to have the
wrong date.
2)Also, please advertise (newspaper,
internet, wtul and instore) that the club
will be closed that day.
3)A pending storm or forced evacuation
of the city also seems to help show
attendance. Arrange that, would you?
4)Bass players only!
5)We’ll feed the workers.
6)May we have a case of beer,
Mailing List!
Want to keep up with the latest Narcissy
news and gig dates?  Send your email
address to, and he'll
make sure to keep you in the know.  
Three Ring Circus Big Top -- A very
cool gallery and performance space.  
Our Friends.
Nevinger Photography -- See for
yourself, damnit.
Mike Watt's Page -- because everybody
Mojo Tooth Productions -- Our Main
Man, Charlie Brown.
Louisiana Music Factory -- the name
says it all.
Jeannie Detweiler -- She did the art for
our record.